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Vertical Sunbeds

Compact and versatile

Vertical Sunbeds

You can now hire a high-powered vertical sunbed for home use. As they are compact and versatile, they are assembled quickly and take up less than 1m² of floor space. This means any room in your home can become your own personal tanning salon. 

Please call for full details of our very competitive rates.

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  • Vertical tanning unit
  • Fully enclosed cubicle
  • Fast tanning unit with up to 250w tubes
  • Compact design for easy and quick installation
  • Twin 10 minute safety timers
  • Integrated cooling fans
  • The units are delivered in panels which fit through any standard door.
  • Each unit is approximately the same size as a standard bathroom shower: 1m² x 184cm High

For home sunbed hire in Rotherham please call us on 01709 319099 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Our Caribbean Sunbeds

  • 26 Full Length Tubes
  • Robust Design & Modern Finish
  • Evolution Electronic Low Energy High Power RUVA Tubes
  • No Starters Required
  • ONLY 1 x 13 AMP Plug
  • Light Weight Panels and Electronic Ballasts
  • 2 x 10 Minute Timers
  • Full Length Customer Operated Body Breeze Panel
  • 15.8 kg Panels
  • Hour Counter Fitted
  • Large 700mm Internal Tanning Area
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