Sunbed Hire in Rotherham

AtĀ Home Sunbeds Of Rotherham we provide a range of new and improved sunbeds to hire for residential customers. Our sunbeds are all fitted with the latest and standard 160w-200w tubes, however if you are looking for a faster and get the most powerful tanning experience we also supply and fit the new and improved 240w tubes.

OurĀ Sunbed Hire in Rotherham are suitable for all and have many key features like 360 degree tanning for all those hard to tan bits. Also many include a cooling fan, facial boosters and body breeze panels for more comfort. We can also provide flexible sunbeds that are ideal for over a chair or lounger. So what are you waiting for we can offer free next day delivery on all our products and also depending on what time you order, same day delivery.

Safety is highly important to as therefore we ensure all our units come with instructions and free goggles. Also in accordance with the EU regulations our sunbeds have a 10 minute safety timer. If you wish to hire our units in Rotherham then please give us a call on 01709-319-099, where you can check for availability.